Preparing your car – tips on how to prepare for sale

Trade Your Car Tips: how to prepare your car for sale


Preparing your car can result in a higher price – make the effort to get your car ready for sale and you could reap the rewards. It doesn’t take much, and you may be surprised by the benefits.



First impressions count


The most important factor when your trying to sell something is the first impression. They play a large role.

If you manage to impress the buyer at the first moment, the chances of selling your car will increase significantly.


Think like a buyer


As a buyer we all want to achieve the same result, that is – the best possible price. Consider it from the buyers perspective to improve your chances of getting it.


Inspect the car from all angles – inside, outside, from afar and up-close. Take note of anything that might deter the potential buyer. This may include scratches, stone chips, marks, dents, stains, wear and tear.


To repair or not to repair


Repairing scratched and chipped paint can have a large impact on potential buyers and on your car’s appeal, having small dents removed can have a likewise affect.


Please Note: Trade Your Car will buy your car as is – we do not require you to repair the damage.


Clean your car


Wash your car to remove all dirt and other deposits from the painted surface. Clean the windows to ensure they sparkle.

Don’t forget the door jams. They are often filled with dirt and are the first things seen when you open the doors.


Clean the cabin


A smelly and/or dirty cabin reflects that you don’t clean your car, and leaves a bad impression on potential buyers. Vacuuming the interior to remove all dirt and dust will have a major impact.


In particular: clean the seats, trims and dash. The dash is extremely important because it is one of the first things you’ll see when you sit in the driver’s seat.


Remember to clean under the seats and remove anything you can have in the car. You don’t want loose items rolling around during a test drive.


Empty all of your items


Empty all of the consoles, glove boxes, compartments, ashtrays, consoles and any loose items which may rattle or disturb the potential buyer during a test drive.


The only thing that you should leave in the glove box is the owners manual, books and service records/receipts for all work done to the car including tyres. Ensure that the service book is maintained up to date to signal that the car has been taken car of.


Remember to clean the boot


Clean up your boot. Remove any unnecessary items to prevent any unwanted distractions and impressions.


Make sure that your spare tyre is securely stowed and there are no items that can rattle around in the boot.


Once you’ve cleaned the boot, make sure to vacuum it out.


You would be surprised at the difference that preparing your car may have on the prospective buyer. Trade Your Car does not require you to repair your car – we will buy your car as is. However, our on-site valuation may be higher if the car is well presented.


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