Sell Your Car during COVID-19

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1. Free valuation

Enter your car details to receive your free instant car valuation. If you prefer, call us on 1300 767 989 to receive your valuation and schedule an appointment to sell your car.

2. Inspection

We will send you an offer to purchase your used car on the spot during COVID-19. We will organise an inspection that suits you – ensuring that it is safe and contactless!

3. Your car is sold

We will buy your car as is, on the spot. We will process the paperwork and payment electronically. We guarantee you will receive the payment before you hand over the keys.

Why sell your car to us during COVID-19?

Quick, easy and contactless

Safe and secure transactions

Contactless payment

We are contactlesspay moreare safe & easy

Safe and Hassle-free. Sell your car contactlessly!

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A safe, contactless and smart way to sell your car during COVID-19

We transfer funds on the spot

To remain contactless, Trade Your Car will transfer the funds straight into your bank account. We guarantee that we will offer you the best price for your car. Avoid the hassles during COVID-19 and sell your car fast today.

We offer a best price guarantee

We understand the difficulties surrounding COVID-19. That’s why Trade Your Car offers a price beat guarantee, ensuring that you will get the best price when you sell your car. It’s the safe and easy way to sell your car.

We take care of all paperwork online

Trade Your Car will provide all paperwork electronically. It’s contactless, meaning, no risk, no paper and no pens. We don’t require a roadworthy certificate or registration. Take the first step towards selling your car today.

We make the process safe and hassle-free

Selling your car to Trade Your Car during COVID-19 could not be safer or easier. With over 25+ years in the automotive industry, you can be assured that you are dealing with a reputable and long-standing company.


Read some of our commonly asked questions below

What is is an Australian vehicle buying service with over 25+ years in the automotive industry. We buy your car directly, as it is. We guarantee the best price and ensure you get paid before you hand over the keys. Trade Your Car buys all used cars, and is a simple and smart way for you to sell your car safely during COVID-19.

Are you operating through COVID-19?

We are very pleased to announce that our car buying services are operating at full capacity. Whilst we have changed the way we operate, we can still buy your car during COVID-19.  We offer contactless paperwork and payment- it has never been easier to sell your car.

How does work?

Sell your car in 3 easy steps:

  1. Online car valuation: receive a free valuation for your car in under 2 minutes
  2. Inspection: we will organise a contactless inspection
  3. Finalisation: if you agree to the sale, Trade Your Car will buy your car on the spot, contactlessly
Why choose

Trade Your Car offers a safe and easy pathway to sell your car during COVID-19. With years of experience we will help you avoid the hassles and time of selling privately, and you can sell your car fast in 3 simple steps.

By selling your car to Trade Your Car you can avoid:

  • Waiting around for strangers to look at your car
  • Having numerous strangers touching and driving your car
  • The risk of not selling your car, and waiting for months while it devalues
  • Registration costs
  • Providing a roadworthy
  • Incurring costs including advertising, insurance, maintenance etc.

We are contactless, and we pay more – guaranteed. We offer an efficient, hassle free and effective way to sell your car for more, fast.

Why does need my email address and telephone number?

Trade Your Car requires your email and phone number to contact you regarding your used car valuation and purchase of your car.

Why should I reconsider selling privately?

Selling privately requires time, effort and costs. It is particularly unsafe dealing with multiple strangers given COVID-19. Trade Your Car offers a simple alternative – sell your car for more, fast. It’s contactless.

Can I get a valuation now, and sell my car later?

Of course. Trade Your Car can provide a written valuation and agree on a price with you. Then, we will arrange a convenient time and location to pick up the car at a later date.

Will the valuation cost me money? Is there any commitment required?

All of our car valuations are provided free of charge. Trade Your Car won’t pressure you into selling your car if you don’t want to. We aim to provide a stress and hassle-free process for you to sell your car during the difficult times we are all experiencing.

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A smarter way to sell your used car during COVID-19