With More Coming onto Market, is Now the Time to go Electric?

With More Coming onto Market, is Now the Time to go Electric?

Cheap to run and environmentally friendly – It’s easy to see the attraction and promise of electric cars.

Nevertheless, Australia is still behind other countries including China, Norway, UK and Germany when it comes to the number of electric cars on the road.

Will electric cars pave the way to the future, or are they just a phase? With more coming onto the market, is now the time to buy and what does it mean to Australian motorists?

Key Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Green cars:
    With attention and focus on the environment, electric cars will have significant environmental benefits.
  • Quiet cars:
    Electric cars run silently – which may bring a new sort of peace and quiet to suburban streets.
  • Efficient cars:
    Electric cars are efficient to run, boasting several advantages over conventional vehicles
  • Low maintenance costs:
    Servicing a fairly new electric car is cheap. That’s because of the simplicity of the electric motor that drives it. While not all mechanics are comfortable working on electric cars yet – chances are that by the time your new car’s five-year warranty runs out, even the mechanic at your local garage will have learned how to service an electric motor and he probably won’t charge all that much to do it, either.

I’m paying for electricity – am I really saving on costs?

Yes. If the average price for electricity is $0.25c per kWh then it would roughly cost you $4.50 to travel 100km. In comparison, at $1.50 per litre it would cost you $15.90 to travel the same distance in a petrol car.

The savings are so significant, even when considering the fluctuations of pricing. As technology advances, electricity will be even cheaper.

How do I know I will make the distance?

One of the biggest hurdles for electric car manufactures is the range. It is important to consider the type of driving you will use the car for, and plan accordingly. The average Australian commute is approximately 15.6km. Even in remote regions, it’s only just a over 32 km per day.

What if I plan to go on a long road trip?

For a road trip that is longer than range of your car, planning is key. Plugshare allows you to plot publicly accessible charging routes along the way, so that you can comfortably drive.

Whats next?

With the benefits to drivers and the environment, it is likely that buyers will consider buying electric when choosing a new car.

With greater demand for electric cars, we will see exciting developments and new features in the coming future. The range on a single charge constantly seems to be increasing, so you’ll be able to make those long road trips. As battery capacity and solar charing improves – driving electric will result in significant cost reductions in addition to the maintenance savings, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

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