What You Need to Trade Your Car

Compulsory – we cannot purchase your car without these items:

  1. Current Registration Certificate (If Registered)  – to show that you own the car. If you do not have a current certificate, please contact your state authority. If your car is not registered, we can come to you.
  2. Form of Identification  – Photo ID and Address required.
    – Licence
    – Passport
    – Medicare card, utility bills, bank statement, car registration, council rates notice
  3. Bank Details – If you prefer payment through EFT
    – Your bank BSB, account number and account name
  4. If You Have Finance Outstanding
    – Provide a letter from your finance company outlining the outstanding settlement figure
  5. If You Are Selling on Behalf of Another Person or Business
    – Provide a letter signed by a business owner, director or vehicle owner that gives authorisation for you to sell the car on their behalf

Recommended – what will increase the value of your car:

  • Service books
  • Invoices
  • Owner’s manual
  • Spare keys
  • Remotes
  • CD stackers
  • Tools etc
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